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Nicetech institute is a market leader in hardware Training. It is led by highly intelligent minds belonging to elite IITs who have experience of running many blue chip & Educational Companies . Nicetech institute is the result of vision to produce well trained indigenous technical people to catapult the growth of developing nations.

[fun_facts_counter counter_text=”Passed Out Students,Location,% Satisfaction,% Job Assistance ” end_points=”900,2,100,100″ end_points_color=”#fe0000″ text_align=”center” heading=”Educating North East India” text=”Since our establishment we have trained more that 900 students of North East India” bg_image=”51″]
[advisor_accordion background=”bg-blue” images=”867,865″ heading=”FAQ’s” text=”Some Frequently Asked Questions”][accordion_tab accordion_title=”How long are the courses? ” accordion_text=”These are short duration courses generally of 3 months.” accordion_id=”11″][/accordion_tab][accordion_tab collapse=”in” accordion_title=”Can we learn practicals during the course?” accordion_text=”Yes, most of the courses consists of more than 60% practical. You shall learn every bit of knowledge.”][/accordion_tab][accordion_tab accordion_title=”Where is the institute located?” accordion_text=”Nicetech Institute is located at the heart of the city Guwahati “2nd Floor Munni Market,Opp Hub, G.S Road Bhangagrah Guwahati“”][/accordion_tab][accordion_tab accordion_title=”What career opportunities are available after doing the courses?” accordion_text=”With the increase in the trend of electronics you can always open your own service center or work as a technician in any workshop of electronics.”][/accordion_tab][/advisor_accordion]
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